Monday, September 20, 2010

Fountain Square is the place to be.

The Gypsy Junkyard at 940 E. Michigan Street is officially closed.  It seems a change of name and address is just what we needed!  The new shop, The Thrifty Gypsy Trading Company, is located in the heart of historic Fountain Square on Indy's near southeast side.  The address is 1107 E. Prospect Street, 46203.  We're at Prospect & Shelby, in the Fountain Square Theatre Building, between the theatre marquis and the neon duckpin bowling sign.

As with everything in our lives, this move has taken far longer than we anticipated.  We still have a few things to move from the old building on Michigan Street, but we are getting settled into the new shop.  The biggest challenge is trying to wedge a lot of junk into a much smaller space!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The beginning... an encore.

We moved our first van load of merchandise into the new shop tonight.  It wasn't a full load, just some of our more fragile pieces that we didn't want to risk getting damaged.  It seemed probable that if the boxes sat around while we were packing, they were more likely to get bumped or knocked over. 

The boxes hadn't been packed too carefully since we weren't moving far, just a few city blocks, really.  More than anything we're just anxious to get this move started, and get on to the next chapter in our lives.

As we closed The Gypsy Junkyard for the last time this evening, a wave of new energy came over all of us.  We didn't spend a single moment lamenting the past year.  We jumped into action, ready to start our new adventure -- The Thrifty Gypsy Trading Company.